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31 May 2011 @ 10:48 am
BTCLS - Damn Expensive Training  
Once my co-worker asked me : what have you done to dr. Y??
He told me that you're blackmailing him.
And i was like : What The F***?!!

It started with my "expensive" training, The Basic Trauma and Cardiac Life Support (BTCLS/PPGD). I thought i was so lucky to have the office pay for training fee. They only sent 2 people and this training takes for 5 days. Means i got 5 days off from the office *yay!*

Well this dr. Y, the one who responsible in Human Resources Development, asked me to apply individually and be active so that office would proud of me. I've told him that i wouldn't apply if i have to pay for myself and he promised me to taken care of the money.
So, I do what he asked me to do.
I've registered as participant, I've confirm my name to be written in the certificate and I've promised BTCLS's commitee to pay as soon as my office give me the money. In the last day of payment, dr. Y gave me the money and I've called the committe that i'll be at their office at lunch break to complete my registration. But then they (MY OFFICE) plan to cancel my funding...in the last minutes!! The other HRD staff called me 15 minutes before lunch break. She wanted me to go to her office and bring back the money. She said our boss JUST REALIZED that she didn't approve the funding. WHAT??!!

Oh...This Hospital (which is my office) is a COMPLETE JOKE!

dr. Y who promised me the funding is already gone for lunch. I'm quite pissed off since i'm the one whose gonna took responsibility for applying BTCLS. Means -> if i attend the training, i have to pay by myself! if i cancel my attendance and not paying the fee...well, i feel so bad for BTCLS's commitee. I'm the one to blame here :(

To make it short,
I got the money after struggle with some clever arguments. My boss actually said she allowed 2 people to join BTCLS and dr. Y already saved the documentation of what she said at the meeting (we called him by phone anyway). There's our boss signature in the document. Hip hip horray for dr. Y!! Night before the training started, i send dr. Y a gratitude sms. Honestly i feel so relieved and i need to express "big thanks" (and hug him if this was in Sweden!).

My mistake was to ever consider him as an open-minded person. My jokes turn out to eat me...He said to everyone that I BLACKMAIL HIM! and i didn't trust his ability to solve this problem.

Our relationship is back to normal a week after the training. BTCLS is done. He know i teased him...and i know he teased me back. BOTH of US ARE JUST JOKING! *hopefully...
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